Within the 21st century, many forms of media have made online technology accessible for individuals to create their identity through social networks. With just the click of a button, social media sites such as Pinterest, allow its users to create their identity based solely on their interests, using boards. Many individuals as well as celebrities, use Pinterest to create personal boards which construct their true-selves.


Ashley Benson constructs her online identity through a personal Pinterest page, allowing viewers to get a sense of the real her aside from her acclaimed character on ABC family’s Pretty Little Liars. Benson’s character Hanna may be described as a sassy popular ‘it girl’, whom isn’t afraid of expressing her feelings to anyone. This demonstrates the portrayal of her character Hanna, rather than her real life identity as Ashley. On her personalized Pinterest boards, Benson appears to be a motivated person, who loves listening to music and has a bucket list of things she wants to fulfill in her lifetime. Benson’s Pinterest board entitled, “festive”, displays her kid at heart personality along with her sense to have fun, especially during the holiday season. Additionally, Pinterest allows its users to construct their identities through boards, which help frame, our identities that define us.


In today’s society, we can view one another’s identity through the use of online technology. In this case, the social media site, Pinterest has made it possible for Benson to frame her identity exactly how she wants to communicate her true self to her fans. This is an example of cyberfeminism, based on the sole idea that, in conjunction with technology, it’s possible to construct your identity, your sexuality, even your gender, just as you please.


With the constant use of social media sites, our lives are engulfed in cyberspace. Forms of online technology including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vine and Snapchat, allows users to mold to a certain image, a certain identity. With that being said, the use of Pinterest displays a sense of creative identity of oneself. It is often said not to judge a book by its cover, yet we do it everyday. Why do we constantly base our perceptions of people off of what we think is normal. We each obtain our own identity, which portrays our personalities and makes us different. Online technology helps us create the virtual world of identity of ourselves.



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