Michael Sam may be new to the twitterverse but he gained nearly one hundred thousand followers in just a short period of time.  Sam uses his twitter handle for a variety of purposes, which involves both sports and broadcasting very important message. When looking at Sam’s twitter account many of his messages revolve around his preparation for the NFL and reflecting on his time at Missouri. Followers have the opportunity to get an insight into his medical care as he posted a picture message giving a look at his leg therapy. He more recently posted tweets pointing to his success while at Missouri. One tweet is of him and a few fellow players standing next to the trophy case, which displays the Cotton Bowl trophy. The second tweet also focusing on the championship shows him is kissing the trophy while celebrating on the field. Twitter provides an outlet for individuals to express whatever identity they wish, for Sam it is to show the world who he really is.

What truly makes Michael Sam’s twitter account so special has to due with the fact that Sam is on his way to becoming the first openly gay athlete in the NFL. To further show who he truly is Michael Sam uses his account as a way to broadcast support for the LGBT community. Over half of his tweets involve either some sort of thank you to his school who stood with him and supported him or more recently a tweet sent out by Sam promoting the hashtags Stand With Sam and Sam Strong. Both of these hashtags were designed to allow supporters of the LGBT community to become connected through twitter all thanks to what Michael Sam had done. When clicking on those hashtags you are brought to an entirely new page of everyone using the hashtag. Almost all of which show their support for how brave Michael Sam is and how it has strengthened the LGBT community.

As a professional athlete Michael Sam is considered to be “different” and challenge the norm. This is because he does not fit the stereotypical male athlete who gets all the girls. Instead once he opened up about his sexuality he was not afraid about who knew. He not only uses twitter to give his fans an insight into his life but also as an outlet for the entire LGBT community. His actions go beyond just one individual it has affected millions of people. All of which now have the opportunity to communicate and connect thanks to one person. 


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