Tyler Mason

Twitter has shown to be a huge tool in interacting with people. It offers the ability to reach millions of people in a very easy manner. And, best of all, this ability to reach millions is free. Twitter is mostly used by individuals to interact with their friends and families in an online environment. Twitter is also used by companies to promote and advertise their products to large numbers of people. The use of twitter by companies has allowed them to create a very specific brand identity that they convey in their twitter usage.


Specifically, Doritos has created a unique brand identity through the use of twitter. Their posts are comical, hip, and appeal to younger demographics. This use of twitter allows Doritos to have a personality. This use of technology has allowed companies to push a certain type of identity to their customers. Instead of just a bag of chips, the Doritos brand now has a personality. In relation to Haraway’s definition of cyborg theory, the Doritos twitter page does indeed combine technology with body. In Doritos case, the technology gives the brand a body, or a type of identity in which it communicates to customers.


Doritos uses twitter to even communicate with other companies. During the super bowl, Doritos had posted responses to KIA, where they talked as if they were two humans. With this use of twitter Doritos and other companies are creating a self image even though there is obviously no Doritos “self.”


This type of technology is offering a chance for companies to redefine their sense of identity. The ability for a company to have this much control over their brand identity has never been possible before twitter. Company and customer have never been able to interact this closely, and twitter is the direct link to the increasing amount of social media advertising. The ability for Doritos to create such a specific brand identity through twitter is a huge factor in their success.





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