By: Olga Milevich

Social Media allows a very close net community of makeup artists. Some of them took over YouTube, some have chosen Instagram but most of them use both sites. One of the most populars makeup artists that has over 500 thousands followers is Promise Tamang, commonly known as Promise Phan. She started on Youtube where she first was discovered after her famous “Avatar” video in which she transforms from a human to an avatar with using only makeup.

Later she came out with a new video in which she changed her look from a human.. well, to another human. Promise is an Asian girl, but she was able to make herself look like Angelina Jolie while using nothing but makeup brushes and different color themes on her face. Over time, Promise has proven that there is no such thing is race when it comes to her and her makeup artist’s abilities; with just a few makeup brushes she can make herself look White, Black, or Hispanic.

Society puts pressure on females from their adolescence all the way through their elderly afe to look and act certain way. Women are often objectified and are seen as products that could be shows off. A lot of people argue that this point of view is outdated and causes women anxiety and distress. Girls grow up idealizing Barbie and think they will look the same when they are older. Women who do not act along, who do not do their hair, nails, and makeup are all looked down upon. Does Promise Tamang change the way her face looks because she feels insecure? Does she just use makeup to play and have fun? The artist says she enjoys makeup and seeing how much she can transform herself. She is even a spokesperson for a makeup brand TwoFaced whose power line is “Own Your Pretty”. Ironically, it means “use more makeup” even though the company insists that makeup is only to help accentuate natural beauty of its consumers.

Being so consumed in the world that views girls as pretty objects might just be okay with this Instafamous Youtube star. On another hand, she might just be overwhelmed with the world’s expectations that the only way to deal with them is to tell herself that she actually enjoys all the rules that must be applied to a girl’s everyday life. She got her share of negative comments and she fought them back by making more videos where she changes her face ever more, like those videos in which she took a “face” of guys (Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson).

As an everyday makeup user myself, the idea of makeup as a fun activity seems very interesting, even overwhelming, but that would be a lie to say that this is all that’s behind my morning routine. Being scared of judgement is what drives girls all over the world to starve, change their hair colors, skin tone, and even shapes of their body parts.


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