By Melody Wildoner
     Josh Peck is a famous actor most commonly known for his Nickelodeon role on the show Drake and Josh. His most recent role was in the 2012 movie Red Dawn and he’s also voiced characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ice Age. He’s incredibly popular across several social media platforms, Vine being one example. He has 4 million followers on Vine and only follows 66 people. Vine is a relatively new app. Smart phone users can create and share their own six-second video clips with followers. The six-second allowance forces users to be creative in order to make great short stories. Josh Peck is an active “viner.” He’s posted more than 200 of his own videos and has liked nearly 400. Some of Peck’s most popular videos on vine are ones where he’s driving. For example, “Shirley Temple”, “No bad angle”, “So scared”and “Pink Dodge Charger” all feature Peck “vining while driving.”
     It’s common for teenagers to copy the actions of people older than them, especially when that older person is one of their favorite celebrities. It doesn’t matter what the action is, good or bad, they will copy. If they see their favorite celeb doing something that’s getting a lot of attention and reaching a large audience, they’ll do the same in hopes of being like their idol.Learning by watching is becoming more and more popular with the widespread availability of different social media platforms.
     The social learning theory, also known as the social cognitive theory, from Albert Bandura is used to explain behavioral patterns and how it factors the environment, people and behaviors. It’s the idea of watching an action performed by someone else, and then learning and completing that action on one’s own. Learning can come from a variety of sources; one of the main sources being mass media. People can learn from observation, inhibition, disinhibition or a combination of the three. In this particular case with Josh Peck “vining and driving”, teens are learning this bad habit of “vining and driving” by observation and disinhibition. Learning by seeing and not being afraid of the things they see such as risky stunts or speaking up about controversial topics.
     The majority of Vine users are teenagers. When a target audience this young sees a popular celebrity recording videos and “vining while driving” with no repercussions, they think it is okay to do too. “Vining and driving has become a big trend. It’s common for users to make a Vine video while they’re driving. For example, another popular series on Vine are videos from Will Sasso – an imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger driving.
     Other Vine users comment questioning Peck’s decision to Vine and drive. He’s addressed this in a comedic manner and continues to Vine and drive. The most popular response Peck has given in regards to the issue is a video where he pretends he gets in a car accident.
     However, teens are still learning and picking up on this dangerous stunt after seeing Peck do and get away with “vining and driving.” They see how he acts and aren’t afraid of doing the things that they see.

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