By Allen Thomas Image


To the uninformed Danny Brown doesn’t look like much of a rapper. In fact Danny Brown has more physical characteristics to those of a homeless man. He has nasty looking frizzy hair, a missing front tooth, and a high-pitched voice reminiscent of Elmo. Despite all of this Mr. Brown has garnered quite the fan base that is in love with his image.  However, how much of his image is genuine?

            Danny Brown has used his social media presence to create an online persona that people adore. When Danny is on twitter, he is a party animal who can’t keep his hands off of drugs. He is often seen as the class clown of the hip-hop scene and is also know for his graphic sexual exploits. Last year it was rumored that he had received oral sex while performing on stage. Rap peer Kendrick Lamar tweeted him asking if it was true, to which he replied yes and that he didn’t skip a beat. His music videos often rely on the recreating the cyber identity Danny has created. The video for his song “Dip” features it all: drugs, parties, attractive women, and a sweat drenched Danny performing in front of his fans. Although to the average person Danny Brown may seem like somewhat of a train wreck, to his fans he is quite the spectacle. Danny creates somewhat of a scopophilic effect in which people just love to watch what he does next. This is true whether it be at an interview, at one of his concerts, or on his twitter page. People see Danny Brown as partying personified and they can’t get enough of it.

            Although Danny has certainly created quite the public persona, it is not all he has to offer. To the average fan Danny may not have much more to offer other than this character he has created for himself. If you investigate his music further than his singles you will see that there is much more than meets the eye. Danny has such a expansive range of songs that it becomes unfair to put him in such a small box.  The lyrics in Danny’s songs deal with a vast amount of things such as addiction, drug use, and the misery that comes with living on the streets. Some of Danny’s most personable songs refer to how he almost gave up on life had he not made it as a successful rapper. Of course most people will not spend the time to get to know Danny Brown as not the party animal but self reflective person that he is.


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